What we do - MRC Health Program

Support and Research

for Health Care

in Sierra Leone



Since 2004 MRC was running projects for referral, malaria, HIV and women’s groups in Bo and Tonkolili Districts combined with operational research on malaria, HIV, referral and nutrition. As part of MRC’s organizational development process MRC developed a strategic plan during 2007 which resulted in an integrated health program.

MRC has 2 departments. The operational department takes care of all logistical, financial and administrative activities. The health department coordinates and implements all the health programs of MRC. MRC works closely together with MOHS and other health partners at district and national level.

The aim of MRC’s Health program is: “To improve the health status of people in MRC’s operational areas by providing primary health care, involving communities and conducting operational research”

This aim will be reached through the following five objectives:

  1. To provide skilled attendance for health service delivery at all MRC supported PHUs
  2. To provide preventive health interventions at community level
  3. To encourage community participation and ownership of health by the communities
  4. To implement research that will provide information for planning and policy
  5. To support the national health human resource development


Skilled attendance is a key element in MRC’s health program. This involves a skilled attendant with an enabling environment. The skills are obtained through formal, post-basic and on the job trainings. The enabling environment includes drugs, supplies, medical equipment, logistics and infrastructure. MRC comprehensively supports skilled attendance at 32 PHUs in 7 chiefdoms in Bo, Tonkolili and Bombali Districts.