Success stories

The Njala Komboya project is a community owned and driven project, with something special: it is specifically owned and driven by women.

The 26 women that are part of the group come from 26 different households with in total 85 children under the age of five. The group has organised themselves into smaller working groups and some women have special functions like treasurer or chairlady. The group has a vegetable garden and a cow ranch with ranch house.

“We are very happy because of this project. The first thing we are happy about is the unity this project has brought amongst us. There has been a long standing family dispute between community members who have not been talking to each other for a long time and are now members of the this group. This dispute has gone up to court level with no avail. But because of this group work and the progress we are now experiencing, we discovered we have come closer more than ever. It was because of this that the chairlady together with few others one day ventured as we were in the vegetable garden to talk between the members concerned. In fact, the dispute was not even difficult to settle. Now these group members have gone to their individual families and talked to them and now we are sure good things are happening. If not for this project, this dispute would not have been settled.”

“People come and see my child Amie (19 months), last month she was weak, lazy and had less weight. Just after taking the (adapted cow) milk for three weeks, look how her health status has changed. I believe if she continues taking it for two months more, her health status will be 100% better. I am very happy because she really loves the milk. Thanks to MRC for this wonderful health development they have brought for us.”