Medical Research Centre (MRC) is a medical indigenous NGO. It has its head office in Freetown, with sub-offices in Bo and Magburaka.

MRC (Medical Research Centre) was established in 1979 after an agreement between the British and Sierra Leonean Governments. MRC functioned first as research centre with a link to the Medical Research Council in the United Kingdom. Research was mainly done in Malaria and  Onchocersiasis.

Due to a halt of the research activities with a change in activities to health care delivery MRC subsequently became a national health non-governmental organization. During the war MRC was running mobile clinics, after the war MRC was involved in (re)construction of 37 PHUs (peripheral health units or rural clinics) in Bo, Tonkolili and Moyamba districts.

Since 2004 MRC is a local Health NGO which currently works in primary health care and district health system strengthening in Bo, Tonkolili and Bombalili Districts with national activities that support health human resources development and include operational research.


 One of the clinics built by MRC