Direct Relief projects

Full name, start/end and duration of the projects:

1. Provision of Humanitarian Assistance (annually, ongoing since 2009)

2. Equipping Midwives for Safe Delivery in Sierra Leone (2012-2016, 5 years)

3. Upgrading the Practice Clinic at the School of Midwifery Makeni, Sierra Leone (2013, 3 months)

4. Ebola Outbreak Response Supplies (2014 - ....)

Donor of the projects:

Direct Relief in the United States,            

Summary of the projects:

Direct Relief supports MRC with in-kind inputs in the form of supplies/equipment for first line clinics, hospitals and ambulances. These supplies arrive every year in 20 or 40 foot containers and are distributed by MRC to the various sites, like Sahn PHU below.


Medical store at Sahn PHU, Bo District


Since 2012 Direct Relief is also providing midwife kits and kit resupplies for graduates of the School of Midwifery in Makeni (SOMM). Direct Relief also provided financial inputs to assist MRC with upgrading of the practice clinic of the SOMM, thus providing a real life practice site for the midwifery students next door to their school.


 MRC and Direct Relief representatives during ceremonial handover of kits to midwife graduates representative

Direct Relief is also supporting the Ebola Outbreak response in Sierra Leone, see  Ebola and Ebola blog

Links to MRC projects on Direct Relief website:


Sierra Leone midwife graduates equipped to save the lives of mothers and children


Improving maternal healthcare in Sierra Leone

Ebola supplies

NEW: Support to Ebola control efforts and restoring health services